Council election process

In April 2015, the PA Council determined and approved the following process for electing Council Members:

  • Vacancies on Council that arise before December each year may be filled as a Casual Vacancy
  • The Council established and maintains a Diversity, Skills & Experience Matrix (Matrix) which is published on the PA website
  • The Governance and Nomination Committee (GNC) maintains a rolling list of possible Council candidates for consideration for future Casual Vacancies and Annual Elections, based on the gaps highlighted in the Matrix.
  • The process for filling a Casual Vacancy consists of the following steps:
    • Advice to Members that a Casual Vacancy exists, with Expressions of Interest to be sent to the President within two (2) weeks of the notice. The communication will also include a link to the Matrix for reference.
    • Council may approach potential candidates to fill a Casual Vacancy via an Expression of Interest, based on the gaps highlighted in the Matrix.
    • Once the two-week period for Expressions of Interest passes, the GNC will review all Expressions of Interest received and make a recommendation to Council.
  • At the November Council meeting each year, Council will:
    • Confirm the vacant and re-elected positions that are due for election at the AGM
    • Review the Matrix and highlight any potential gaps
    • Appoint the Returning Officer
    • Advise Members that vacancies will exist on Council at the AGM and details of the nomination process. The communication will also include a link to the Matrix for reference.
  • For the AGM
    • A call for nominations will be communicated to Members at least 45 days prior to the AGM (Clause 11.3(a)). This will include a link to the Matrix for reference.
    • Based on the needs highlighted in the Matrix, Council may approach potential candidates to fill vacancies via the nomination process.
    • Nominations received by the Returning Officer by the due date will be duly recorded, and it will be determined if an election is required.

In accordance with Clause 11.2 of Philanthropy Australia’s Rules, if the number standing for re-election or election is equal or less than the number of vacancies, those standing for re-election and election are deemed re-elected and elected at the AGM.

  • If an election is required, a Ballot paper is prepared to be sent to all Member Primary Contacts.

    The Ballot paper will contain the names of all nominations received, listed in alphabetical order.

    A member votes by placing a number of ticks against the names of their preferred nominations where the number of ticks equals the number of vacancies.
  • The Ballot paper is to be returned to the Returning Officer by the due date – allowing a minimum of 14 days for members to cast their vote and a closing date of at least 2 working days prior to the AGM.

The outcome of the Election process is announced by the Returning Officer at the AGM.

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