Strategic planning 2015/2016

After an extensive consultation process in 2015, Philanthropy Australia's Council set the frame for the next evolution of its strategic plan (2017-2020), underpinned by its refreshed purpose as the peak body that serves the philanthropic community to achieve more and better philanthropy.

PA Council noted that whilst the philanthropic sector is very broad, it is unified in one important respect: it comprises a community of people and organisations with a shared interest in and a commitment to "more and better philanthropy".

The philanthropic sector is large, growing and important and needs an effective peak body to enable it to achieve its potential. For the first five months of 2016, PA Council and staff have been conceiving a strategic direction and set of priorities based on community and member feedback, analysis and needs in order to achieve this.

Our new strategic direction will allow us to create more points of entry to access our services and diversify our product offerings to suit the community that we serve. Which means you’ll have choices and options about how you interact with us.

We would now like to test our proposed thinking with you before we develop our final strategic map, which we'd like to launch at our National Conference in September.

Please click here to read our Strategic Planning Presentation, which outlines where we are today and what the future of Philanthropy Australia may look like.

A webinar presentation was held on Thursday 9 June, which was followed by a live Q&A with our President, Alan Schwartz, and CEO, Sarah Davies. You can watch the webinar recording here.​


Vision is for a more giving Australia…

Sarah Davies (CEO) launched Philanthropy Australia's Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 at our 2016 Conference.