2018 Philanthropy Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Australian Philanthropy Awards?

The Australian Philanthropy Awards recognise and celebrate extraordinary achievements in contemporary philanthropy and provide a snapshot of the breadth and diversity of efforts across Australia to create more and better philanthropy.

The Awards program was launched in 2014 and, over the years, has grown to include seven categories.

The Australian Philanthropy Awards not only allow us to celebrate and recognise extraordinary achievements, but they also provide us with stories, insights and examples that can be harnessed for our own learning and challenge us to seek improvement and reflection as custodians of social wealth.

What are the award categories?

  • Leading Philanthropist

  • Best Large Grant

  • Best Small Grant

  • Environmental Philanthropy Award

  • Gender-wise Philanthropy Award

  • Indigenous Philanthropy Award

  • International Philanthropy Award

Please visit each of the award respective pages for more detail and their specific selection criteria.

Am I able to nominate someone for an award?

Yes! Nominations are welcomed from Philanthropy Australia members and non-members, as well as members, supporters and friends of our partner organisations and the broader social change community.

You may not nominate yourself, but you may nominate your organisation. Please note that current staff and Council of Philanthropy Australia, partner organisations’ Council/Boards and staff, and members of the Australian Philanthropy Awards selection panel are not eligible for nomination.

Nominees’ names will remain confidential and only successful recipients will be announced. For full details of nominee eligibility, please see the individual award categories.

Do I have to be a Philanthropy Australia member to submit a nomination?

We welcome nominations from Philanthropy Australia members and non-members, as well as members, supporters and friends of our partner organisations – so no, you do not need to be Philanthropy Australia member to make a nomination.

How does the nomination process work?

Click the relevant award category link and you’ll be directed to the online nomination portal. You will be required to create a user account and password, and from here you will be able to create and submit nominations.

You will be required to note your username and password to enable you to edit and access your nomination before the deadline.

Please also note that the nominations portal will ‘log out’ if left inactive for 30 minutes, so it is recommended that you select ‘save and continue later’ to ensure that your progress is saved.

You will receive a confirmation email once your nomination has been submitted.

Please note that nominations for 2019 open on Tuesday 2 April at 9am AEST and close on Friday 17 May at 5pm AEDT.

What do you mean by ‘recent’ – what is the timeframe for the work being considered for any of the Awards?

One of the purposes of the Awards is to acknowledge recent outstanding work in philanthropy. To that end, the timeframe has been set broadly for activity in the past five years (2014 – 2018), which may include design, funding and/or delivery of impact during that time period.

How are the award recipients selected?

Each nomination will be reviewed by an honorary selection panel. This selection panel is comprised of respected and qualified philanthropic sector leaders from Philanthropy Australia’s membership. For our specific category awards (Environmental, Gender-wise, Indigenous and International), the selection panel is supported by the partner organisation (AEGN, AWDN and Ninti One).

The selection panels will review all nominations in June and select the winner in each category.

Nominees’ names will remain confidential and only successful recipients will be announced.

When will the Award recipients be announced?

The Australian Philanthropy Awards 2019 event will be held on Monday 22 July at the prestigious Art Gallery NSW. All nominators will be notified of the outcome of their nomination, and if successful, we will be in touch with further exciting details prior to the Awards event. We will, of course, contact award recipients to let them know the good news as well as next steps in relation to the event itself.


Please email awards@philanthropy.org.au if you have any questions in relation to the Australian Philanthropy Awards 2019.

2016 Philanthropy Awards

Leading Philanthropist: Audette Exel AO
Emerging Philanthropist: Gemma Salteri


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