Impact investing – an introduction

Risk, Return + Impact Over recent decades ethical investing has focused attention on avoiding investments that have a negative impact on society or our environment. According to the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, over $630 billion of assets managed in Australia now employ some type of environmental, social or governance (ESG) screen in the investment process. This is good news for people and the planet. Impact investing seeks to take this another step further. Beyond… Read more…

Aug. 23, 2016   |   Daniel Madhavan

Tackling Homelessness

Homelessness is a growing concern despite many efforts by community housing organisations and funders including our Foundation. This is because it is an issue that requires more than one response to address it. Read more…

Aug. 19, 2016   |   Catherine Brown

We need to lead on trust and confidence… before we are left behind

The capacity of charitable and philanthropic organisations to meet our missions depends heavily on outside support: from funders and donors; from volunteers, alongside employees often working above and beyond their remunerated responsibilities; from the engaged communities we work with and in.

Given this heavy reliance on others, we should expect and respect that people will want to know how we resource our work. Such information is a basic measure of our accountability and transparency. It is also the central tenet on which the public’s trust and confidence in charitable and philanthropic work is based. Read more…

Aug. 02, 2016   |   Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine

 Tags: data

Digital Civil Society – time to focus on what this means for philanthropic funders

We hosted Dr Lucy Bernholz of Stanford University’s Digital Civil Society Lab to talk over what philanthropic foundations should be actively thinking about themselves and as funders of the not for profit sector within a digital world. My ‘to do’ list is quite long after this discussion! Read more…

Aug. 01, 2016   |   Catherine Brown

10 things that make the millennial arts donor tick

How can we inspire a young generation of philanthropists to secure the future of Australian arts? New Generation of Giving member, Clare Ainsworth Herschell shares ten things she’s learnt as Next Generation Development Manager for the Art Gallery of NSW. Read more…

Jul. 25, 2016   |   Clare Ainsworth Herschell

Bringing the collective giving model to the masses

Giving no longer has to be a solo adventure. New technologies and models of giving are rapidly changing the very nature of donating. Read more…

Jun. 14, 2016   |   Bryony Green

 Tags: collective giving, technology

Insights and reflections from Stephen Heintz’s visit to Australia

The President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund made quite an impression on hundreds of people who heard him speak during his recent visit. Here Krystian Seibert, who accompanied Heintz throughout his visit, shares his own insights and lessons learned. Read more…

Jun. 06, 2016   |   Krystian Seibert

One of Australia’s oldest foundations on the future of philanthropy

Paul Madden AM, Chief Executive of The Wyatt Trust, provides his insight on where philanthropy is headed and what foundations can do to ensure they keep up with the ever-changing philanthropic landscape. Read more…

May. 24, 2016   |   Paul Madden AM

Helping local people implement local solutions

One of the best parts of my job is being on the road, checking in with rural, regional and remote community leaders and assessing the kind of impacts the grants FRRR distributes are having. It’s also a great way to build on our understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities in the communities we support. Read more…

May. 13, 2016   |   Natalie Egleton

The government, philanthropy, environment nexus

We know what the role of philanthropy is but do we know what the role of government is? Read more…

May. 10, 2016   |   Amanda Martin

 Tags: environment, government, policy

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