EFC releases Principles of Good Practice

At the end of 2006 the European Foundation Centre (EFC) Board approved the revised EFC ‘Principles of Good Practice’. These principles constitute a shared vision of good practices and a general recommendation to reinforce good practice, openness and transparency in the European foundation and independent funding community. The EFC encourages its members to publish their adherence to the principles on their website and to discuss and review their implementation with their board and staff. The… Read more…

Feb. 09, 2007

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A Big Year for Philanthropy in Australia

Recently in the Resource Centre here at Philanthropy Australia we’ve been doing in-depth researching of the history of philanthropy in Australia. The gathering of these ‘stories’ of Australian philanthropy is a fascinating process, and our plans to archive them in order to better share the history is coming along well. Of course, we’ve started sharing these stories through our Celebrating 30 Years project, as part of Philanthropy Australia’s 30 year anniversary. Through this research process… Read more…

Feb. 08, 2007

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3 New Papers, 1 News Item

New Papers: Understanding the CSR Landscape: A View from Corporate Australia 5 February 2007: Katie Lahey’s address to the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility ‘Turning Point’ conference. Generosity and Taxation: An Overview Prepared for Philanthropy New Zealand, this paper describes New Zealand’s tax provisions with respect to donations, and compares the New Zealand context to tax incentives in the rest of the world. The paper also details reasons for generosity and discusses the ways… Read more…

Feb. 08, 2007

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Climate Change

We run a collection of Topical Issues pages on our site, created on demand and keeping Members (and other interested visitors) up-to-date with new info on the issues that we think will be relevant to folk in the Australian philanthropy sector. Hopefully, this blog will help that process by allowing visitors to subscribe in order to receive immediate notification of updates of these pages. With that in mind, we’d like to alert you to an… Read more…

Feb. 07, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 3

This edition includes the features - Foundation Focus & Recognising Philanthropists: The Sir Albert Sakzewski Foundation and History of Australian Philanthropy: State Based Philanthropy. Foundation Focus & Recognising Philanthropists: The Sir Albert Sakzewski Foundation For our next philanthropic story we travel north to Queensland. We believe that the Sir Albert Sakzewski Foundation was the first foundation in Queensland to be established by a living person, rather than by will. Sir Albert Sakzewski, 1905-1991 Sir Albert… Read more…

Feb. 02, 2007

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6 New Papers & Reports, New Climate Change Resource

New Papers & Reports: What Business Execs Don’t Know - but Should - About Nonprofits “Business leaders play vital roles in the nonprofit sector—as board members, donors, partners, and even executives. Yet all too often they underestimate the unique challenges of managing nonprofit organizations. In this article, 11 executives who have played leadership roles in both for-profits and nonprofits reveal the critical differences between the two, and suggest ways that business and nonprofit leaders can… Read more…

Feb. 01, 2007

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IT in the Nonprofit Sector

This year at Philanthropy Australia we’re making a concerted effort to step up to the plate of effective use of IT in the Australian nonprofit sector. As we say on our IT in the Nonprofit Sector resources page, we’re very conscious of the need for the Australian nonprofit sector to forge forward into making best use of the technology at hand to aid distribution to and communication with both the general public and the rest… Read more…

Jan. 31, 2007

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Recommended Reading

Here in the Philanthropy Australia office we’ve started putting our feelers out into the more informal online publishing done by nonprofits around the globe. The UK and the USA both have a number of philanthropy blogs - both professional and personal (and sometimes both!) - sharing opinions, information, and links to news and research that bloggers think their readers will be interested in. Looking around, as far as we can tell we’re the first philanthropy… Read more…

Jan. 25, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 2

This edition includes the features: Philanthropy Australia’s History: Spotlight on 1988 and Foundation Focus: Wyatt Benevolent Institution. Philanthropy Australia’s History: Spotlight on 1988 1988 was a significant year for Philanthropy Australia – then called the Australian Association of Philanthropy. After a decade without permanent staff, 1988 saw the appointment of Marion Webster as our first Executive Director with the assistance of a grant of $30,000 from the Reichstein Foundation – a generous contribution which enabled… Read more…

Jan. 24, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 1

2007 marks the 30 year anniversary of Philanthropy Australia. Throughout 2007, we’ll be marking the occasion by sharing snapshots of philanthropy in Australia that encompass both its present state and its history. This page will be updated regularly, with a new issue each fortnight including the sections: Important Moments in Philanthropy Australia’s History Including our achievements and growth over the years. Recognising Philanthropists Recognising the importance of individual donors and personal acknowledgement of their achievements… Read more…

Jan. 24, 2007

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