Philanthropic Consultancy

Philanthropy Australia's Consultancy Service is for members and non-members to support more and better philanthropy in Australia. 

Philanthropic services

  1. Giving strategies - new philanthropists
    Assist in development of giving strategies – based upon interests, experience, objectives, research, evidence and gaps and establishing grant processes, evaluation and  monitoring tools and systems.
  2. Giving strategies - existing philanthropists
    Review the effectiveness and impact of strategic giving programs/processes.
    Identify and research potential and appropriate charitable organisations and programs to support as part of your giving programs.
    Via Member referral –work with grant recipients on how to best engage with philanthropy to grow sustainable organisations.
  3. Philanthropic sector training & development
    Develop tailored training, development and mentoring programs.
  4. Philanthropic sector research
    Conduct, in conjunction with partners, research on philanthropic giving in Australia and overseas.

The consultancy service is suitable for all in the philanthropic sector, including: individual philanthropists; trusts/foundations; PAFs; PuAFs; sub-funds, community foundations; corporate foundations; business giving and all levels of government giving programs.


All Members of Philanthropy Australia will receive a 25% discount and the first initial scoping meeting is free.

Associate Consultants

Philanthropy Australia has partnered with a number of philanthropic experts as Associate Consultants.

In addition to Philanthropy Australia Staff, please meet our Associate Consultants here.

Our Clients

Philanthropy Australia has already worked successfully with a number of organisations via our professional Consultancy Service, namely:


Further information

If you want to find out more about our consultancy services - or if you're interested in joining the Philanthropy Australia Consultant Team - please contact Chris Wootton,

Associate Consultants

Rebecca Iliffe MA Int Rel, BAppScAg

Rebecca has two decades of experience working with companies, government and the philanthropic sector to deepen engagement with the communities where they have connections or seek to support.  She works collaboratively to help establish pathways and programs for investment, social enterprise, strategic giving and employment development to achieve shared goals. From Arnhem Land to Port Augusta, Broome to Beechworth she has extensive experience working with rural and regional communities.

Rebecca and her family also run Bethesda Trust, which combines grant-making and digital storytelling to advocate, educate and inspire.

Key consulting areas include:

Giving strategies – new philanthropists
Assistance in development of giving strategies
Giving strategies – existing philanthropists

  • Identify and research potential and appropriate charitable organisations and programs to support as part of your giving strategies
  • Work with grant recipients on how to best engage with philanthropy to grow sustainable organisations

Philanthropic sector training & development
Philanthropic sector research






Kimberly Downes CFRE, EMFIA, CAP

Kimberly has 25 years’ experience in Fundraising and Marketing, Kimberly’s range of knowledge of fundraising and communication adds considerable leadership to any campaign. Her first campaign was with the Boy Scouts in the USA where she raised $2 million for an outdoor education centre.

Former Vice-President of Client Services and Quality Control of DVA Navion Australasia, Kimberly was based in the Melbourne office but served clients in VIC, NSW and SA. She directed a consulting staff of 15 and was responsible for campaign targets, client relations and sales and marketing for the firm. After 17 years of consulting some of her clients include: The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, The Clifford Craig Medical Research Institute, CatholicCare, Loreto College Ballarat, Central Coast Grammar School ($2million), Cancer Council VIC, Heart Foundation VIC and NSW, De La Salle College, The Howard Florey Institute, Xavier College ($13 million), Royal Melbourne Hospital, Genazzano FCJ College ($2 million), Damascus College, Dental Health Services of Victoria, Melbourne Business School, Melbourne Zoos ($100 million), Deakin University, UnitingCare Kippax, The University of Melbourne, The Salvation Army, The War Memorial, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and Potomac Hospital in Maryland.

Key consulting areas include:

Major Gifts Strategy
Fundraising Program Strategy
Total Development
Board Development and Training
Staff Recruitment/mentorship and training
Culture of Philanthropy
The Art of Asking


Jessica Bowman MSc(EnvSc), BFin(Eco) 

Jessica is an experienced evaluator and designer of high-impact social programs, specialising in evaluating existing giving strategies and developing new giving strategies that create an impact. Over her career, she has advised on the economic, social, environmental and financial impacts of over $1 billion of projects spanning across transport, energy and water sectors in developing countries. She has worked with public and private clients designing public-private partnerships to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering essential public services. She has a deep understanding of environmental economics and was heavily involved in developing the United Nations Statistics Division’s ecosystem accounting standards. 

Jessica is the co-founder of The Good Cause Co., a social enterprise that evaluates and rates charities based on their likelihood to deliver social impact. She is also a director of Social Impact Management Network Australia (SIMNA). Jessica has professional qualifications in financial analysis, valuation of environmental services, project management, network analysis and programming. 

Key consulting areas:

Developing impactful giving strategies

Evaluating existing giving strategies 

Amanda Sartor
Philanthropic Adviser
EWM Group 

Amanda is a Certified financial adviser, whose passion for philanthropy and the non-profit sector led her to take up a philanthropic and grant making advice role to Ultra High Net Worth families at EWM Group, a multi-family office in Brisbane.

Amanda’s unique position to appreciate the personal and financial needs of her clients whilst have a deep understanding of philanthropic organisations and the non-profit sector has proved very successful in translating personal and family values into effective giving. Amanda’s qualifications and involvement in the non-profit sector include a Fundraising Certificate through the Fundraising Institute of Australia, a Masters of Business - Philanthropy and Non Profit Studies (in progress), 10x10 Philanthropy committee member, Women & Change giving circle, ACCF and the Giving Australia 2016 Research project.

Key consulting area:

PA Professional Adviser Program

Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) Philanthropy Consulting Service

Over 20 years, ACF has built considerable knowledge and practical experience around grantmaking, effective philanthropy and the design and development of philanthropic structures and operations. The Philanthropy Consulting Service can assist individuals and families, companies, foundations, government and NFP organisations in the following ways:

  • undertake feasibility studies for prospective philanthropic initiatives, including the establishment and development of new trusts and foundations;
  • develop effective grantmaking programs and provide high impact grantmaking research, advice and support;
  • review and evaluate philanthropic programs and operations, including assistance with Board reviews, skills audits and succession planning

Principal Consultants

Marion Webster, OAM

Marion Webster was the founding Executive Director of Philanthropy Australia and has extensive experience working locally and internationally across the philanthropic, corporate and community sectors at both management and governance levels. Marion was co-founder of the Melbourne Community Foundation (now Australian Communities Foundation) and was Chair of the MCF/ACF Board for several years.

In 2004, Marion was awarded an OAM for her services to philanthropy and the community. Marion is committed to making philanthropy accessible and effective for families, individuals and others wishing to establish or review their giving strategies. 

Trudy Wyse

Trudy Wyse has worked in the philanthropic sector for two decades, firstly as the Executive Officer of the Stegley Foundation and subsequently as the Philanthropy Manager at Australian Communities Foundation. In 2014, she was a recipient of the prestigious Australian Community Philanthropy Award for Excellence.

Trudy is a skilled and experienced social policy analyst and consultant, with particular expertise in policy and program development, implementation and review.

With experience spanning all three levels of government, as well as within the philanthropic and broader not-for-profit sectors, Trudy is an industry leader regularly sought out for advice on strategic and community based philanthropy.

Further information

If you want to find out more about our consultancy services - or if you're interested in joining the Philanthropy Australia Consultant Team - please contact Chris Wootton.

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