Communities in Control Conference

Where: Melbourne, VIC

When: Mon 28th May 2018 to Tue 29th May 2018 (2 days)

Activating community leadership to combat inequality

"Don’t believe those who tell you otherwise: inequality is on the rise. And that needs to stop.

Inequality is bad for individuals. In more equal societies, people are happier and live longer.

It’s bad for regions. Local governments know this, and have made it a focus.

Inequality is bad for the nation’s health: more equal societies do better.

Inequality is bad for our economic development: more equal societies grow faster.

And it’s bad for our political system. When special interests are allowed undue influence, we all lose out.

It’s not easy to change the system, but it’s a fight worth having.

While we’re rolling up our sleeves, though, let’s just agree on a few guidelines.

Being concerned about inequality doesn’t just mean that we want to tax rich people more and ordinary people less. We need to continue the battle for redistribution of wealth – we need to ensure the government has enough money to spend on the people we’re trying to help – but we have to go further.

The opposite of inequality isn’t equality. We don’t want a population of well-off citizens each living in a hermetically sealed bubble behind a white picket fence. The opposite of inequality is community. Local, global, and virtual.

We can’t focus only on our own front yard, either. The challenges we face – climate change, mass migration, technological upheaval – are global. We have to address what’s in front of us, certainly, but we need to lift our gaze as well. We have to recognise our responsibility for each other. We have to recognise our responsibility for what governments do in our name. We have to work together, as a community.

The late, great community campaigner Joan Kirner taught us to look towards children to learn what equality looks like. “That’s not fair!” children exclaim when they see something that doesn’t make sense, she told us. “Well, what are you going to do about it?” was always her reply. “Get together, get angry and get organised.”

That’s what we’re going to be doing at Communities in Control 2018.

Come and join us."


Why You Must Attend

  • Hear from and interact with Australia’s best thinkers, leaders and doers
  • Learn what’s next — make sure your community is prepared for what’s around the corner
  • Get refreshed — participants rate this the best opportunity they get all year to recharge their batteries
  • Get inspired — meet people who believe in the power of community, swap war stories, share solutions
  • Get access — this is the least expensive conference of its type around. No other conference offers you access to this calibre of speakers and professional development at such a low cost
  • Make a difference — this is your chance to influence the debate, to be part of the change


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