Engaging Communities for Impact

Where: Sydney, NSW

When: Tue 28th Nov 2017 to Thu 30th Nov 2017 (3 days)

We face increasingly complex social challenges, where often the answers lie in engaging communities more effectively in the development and design of solutions. Community engagement is about managing change and we know managing change is a complex business. To do this well you need skills and tools. Often conflicts arise during the community engagement process – how to manage those conflicts, work with groups and build towards positive outcomes is a crucial tool in the toolkit of anyone working with communities.

As co-design, collective impact, community collaboration, community conversations and partnership working become more embedded as the way we do things then it is of increasing importance that practitioners, whether from the community, government or the business sector, have the skills and tools to work with communities to improve outcomes. This course focuses on improving the key skills and tools that people need.


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