Governance Essentials for Charitable Trustees

Where: Sydney, NSW

When: Thu 14th Jun 2018, 09:00 – 13:00 (4 hours)

Presented by: Philanthropy Australia in partnership with AICD

Two of Australia’s leading professional associations have collaborated to develop a powerful and insightful essential governance program for trustees and directors of charitable foundations who invest and distribute funds for social good in Australia and overseas. Being a trustee or a director/responsible person of a charitable foundation and/or a Private/Public Ancillary Fund (PAF/PuAF) is an intrinsically rewarding role. It also brings significant responsibilities. 

Trustees of each have the ultimate responsibility for its governance. They are responsible for directing the affairs of the foundation to ensure it is well run and compliant with the law, relevant Guidelines and the Trust Deed. This half day course will explore the broader governance duties of trustees as they relate to administration, investment decisions and distribution of foundation funds.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the duties and responsibilities of charitable trustees
  • Duty to act in good faith and for proper purpose
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Duty of care and diligence
  • Personal liability of trustees
  • Comply with the law, deed and relevant guidelines
  • Charitable Investment management
  • Grant Distribution strategy/compliance issues
  • Understand the role of the ACNC and other regulatory authorities
  • Best practice in succession planning

Facilitated by: Tracy Matthews FAICD, FC

Sydney Panel Members:

  • Antonia Ruffell, CEO, Australian Philanthropic Services
  • Ben Clark, Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment, Australian Executor Trustees
  • Hugh Hodges, Director - Philanthropy, HarperBernays Limited


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