Not-for-profits and the Australian Consumer Laws (ACL)

Where: Brisbane, QLD

When: Wed 22nd Nov 2017, 08:00 – 09:00 (1 hour)

The Belle Gibson case and the recent review of the ACL remind us that existing consumer protection laws
apply to not-for-profits and charities as well as for-profits, including fund raising, contracts, the provision of
goods and services and marketing and promotion activity.

An organisation and its directors (officers) can be prosecuted for breach of these laws. Outcomes vary
from financial penalty to the loss of charitable status. Inaccurate information on a website including in a
testimonial, exaggeration in a marketing statement about the outcomes achieved by the charity or about
the value of a raffle prize, and activity with another, for example under NDIS, which lessens competition
are all risky behaviours.

In this session three McCullough Robertson lawyers will provide a practical examination of the law and how it applies to not-for-profits and charities using real case examples and how to minimise any risk of breach of the law in this


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