The Skills Exchange

Where: Melbourne, VIC

When: Tue 19th Sep 2017, 16:30 – 18:30 (2 hours)

Presented by: Telco Together Foundation

The Skills Exchange has been developed as a place for charities and skilled specialists to come together to solve problems, increase charity capability around the use of technology, and increase the awareness of skilled specialists about the challenges charities face in their daily operations.

The format of upcoming Skills Exchange events will involve participating charities pitching their technology problem to a room of skilled specialists, who will then be matched with charities and encouraged to use up to two days of their corporate volunteering leave to help the charity resolve their problem.

Participating charities will be provided support throughout the entire process, starting with assistance defining and pitching their problem, through to post-event support to ensure all parties maximise the potential for their problem to be resolved. This format enables a broad range of charities to be involved and pitch their technology related problems to an eager audience of specialists.

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