Whitelion Bail Out 2017 - Get locked up & give a kid a break

Where: Perth, WA

When: Thu 27th Apr 2017, 17:30 – 23:30 (6 hours)

The Annual ‘Bail Out’ is Whitelion’s national fundraising and awareness campaign providing a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a young person that has been disconnected from our community due to abuse and neglect, drug addiction and poverty. 

To get involved, participants (known as “inmates”) ‘register’ here ‘raise’ bail to secure their ‘release’.

Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne in 2005, Bail Out has grown to become a truly national campaign across Australia, inspiring thousands of brave individuals to get locked-up for a good cause to support Whitelion youth programs across Australia. 

Whitelion invites you to make a real difference in the life of a young person by getting involved in Bail Out 2017.


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