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Live Webinar Series (March – November 2017)

The Hot Topic Live Webinar Series provides the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts on a current social and/or philanthropic burning issue. You’ll also be able to share your views and engage in conversation about the topic. And, to make sure the topic is relevant to our membership, you get to choose what we cover! 

For all Hot Topic webinars – Philanthropy Australia will poll its members (in Philanthropy Weekly) and seek their vote from a short-list of interesting and thought-provoking current issues. We will then convene a live webinar on the fourth Thursday of each Month at 1.00 – 2.00pm AEDT/AET on the issue that polls the most interest. 


  • Members and Associates: Included in membership
  • Non-members: $50 + booking fee (click here to learn about membership)
27 April

The Trump Effect – What will it mean for Philanthropy in Australia? 
Corpuses – Is now the right time to spend down? 
Melbourne CBD’s solution to homelessness  – Is this the best we can do? 


25 May

Cyclone Debbie - What could/should philanthropists do? 
Australian Government Zombie Measures: Welfare savings - have they gone too far? 
Sporting Clubs & Poker Machines: Is there not another way to raise funds


29 June

Housing Affordability: Philanthropy's role in social housing 
Unpacking the Federal Budget - What does it mean for the community and philanthropy? 
Should charities accept funds derived from gambling? 

27 July Sporting Clubs & Poker Machines: Is there not another way to raise funds
ACNC... what do philanthropists think?
NFPs and Profit: Why are so many people unclear?

31 Aug

​Philanthropy supporting a more equitable, sustainable and healthier food system
 How can philanthropy support communities to transition away from coal
 Why is Australia the last developed country that still engages in large-scale tree clearing

28 Sept

How can we increase the number of employees signing up to payroll giving?
Exposing the myths of philanthropy
Should you give locally or internationally?

21 Nov

Key Insights from the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

30 Nov

Is it time to #fixfundraising?
Is Impact Investing for everyone?
Why is it so hard to get payroll giving going in Australia?

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Give. Stand. Respect.

The 2017 Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brought funders, nonprofits and policy makers together for two days of inspiring keynotes, case studies and challenging conversations about philanthropy’s role in advocating for change.

Summit Highlights