Identifying your style & focus

To be effective and enjoy giving, it is important to identify your own style and focus. This might take time but there are excellent resources and advisors available to help you and the results are worth it.

Two key aspects to understand are:

  • Your own style and motivation as a donor
  • The change you want to create

Amongst other things, your style and focus could be influenced by a personal experience, a desire for privacy, or alternatively a public profile. If you are setting up a corporate giving program, the nature of your business and the values of your employees are also likely to influence your focus and style.

Other considerations are whether you will also make non-monetary contributions. You might give, time, property, expertise or your networks to help achieve your philanthropic vision. 

Developing an understanding of your giving style and motivations, and the change you would like to create is a valuable underpinning to the strategic and operational approach you choose to take and helps to make your giving an exciting and enriching experience.

Vision is for a more giving Australia…

Sarah Davies (CEO) launched Philanthropy Australia's Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 at our 2016 Conference.