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Donations can benefit the charities and you

June 05th, 2015

Almost two-thirds of Aussie taxpayers do not claim tax deductions for donations, according to the latest Australian Taxation Office figures, but of those 4.5 million donors who do claim do so to the tune of about $2.3 billion a year.

Wealth management group Koda Capital’s partner and head of philanthropy, David Knowles, says people should give in a way that gives them a sense they are making a difference.

“Follow what is happening with your money, involve your friends and family in your giving, and look beyond stories to find well-run charities that can show the impact they are having with your money,” he says.

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In conversation with Daniel Lee of the Levi Strauss Foundation

In conversation with Nicole Richards at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, Daniel Lee shared his insights on topics including the role of philanthropy as a driver of systems change which addresses root causes of social challenges, the relationship between philanthropy and government and what the new political environment in the United States means for philanthropy.

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