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Ex-eBay president and activist Jeff Skoll on making movies with a message (Guardian)

November 28th, 2013

So should multi-millionaires and billionaires also pay higher taxes, as Warren Buffett believes? Skoll argues that those who are fortunate enough to have accumulated great wealth have an obligation to give back to society. "If everybody were philanthropic, like a Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar or Warren Buffet, we wouldn't have to tax people to do the right thing", Skoll reflected. "But in the absence of some compelling force that would get people to give, I think those that have should pay at least their fair share and probably even more. It's in everybody's interest."
By Elisabeth Braw

In conversation with Daniel Lee of the Levi Strauss Foundation

In conversation with Nicole Richards at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, Daniel Lee shared his insights on topics including the role of philanthropy as a driver of systems change which addresses root causes of social challenges, the relationship between philanthropy and government and what the new political environment in the United States means for philanthropy.

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