Philanthropic Consulting Service

Philanthropy Australia's Consultancy Service is for members and non-members to support more and better philanthropy in Australia. 

Philanthropic services

1. New to philanthropy and don’t know where to start? 
Whether you are an individual, a family, a corporation or a government agency - we can support you through the process and help you work out which philanthropic structural options may be appropriate for you – based on your financial position, context, interests, values and desired social impact.

2. Do you want to create a more effective giving strategy?
We can assist you to create and/or review your current giving/granting strategy so that it is effective, is ‘best practice’ and delivers on the impact that you are trying to achieve.

3. Do you need assistance in choosing the ‘right’ charities to distribute funds and best practice?
We will work with you to determine your giving focus and undertake research to ascertain which charities best match your requirements.

4. Not-for-Profit Advisory Service
If you have a concept, proposal or application where you are seeking philanthropic support, Philanthropy Australia can provide the following service:

  • Send your draft concept(s), proposal(s) or application(s) in confidence to Philanthropy Australia
  • You will then be contacted within 10 working days:
    • You will be advised if PA is not able to provide advice (no charge)
    • If PA is able to provide advice - to set up a suitable time for a phone call with one of our experienced Associate Consultants to discuss your concept, proposal or application 
    • The fee for this service is per proposal, concept or application: Members: $500 + GST & Non-members: $1,000 + GST
  • At the scheduled phone call – you will receive the following:
    • specific comments on your concept, proposal or application
    • specific advice on which philanthropic trusts may be relevant and how to appropriately engage with them - grant processes and deadlines etc
  • The length of this advisory phone call will not exceed 1 hour duration.

    * This service is only for charitable not-for-profit organisations seeking funds from philanthropic entities and does NOT include Capital Campaigns nor Fundraising activities/campaigns seeking funds from the general public.

5. Looking for tailored philanthropic education/training/facilitated workshops for your local community, staff, senior staff and/or Board?

We offer and extensive r ange of tailored education/training/facilitated workshops in grant making, grant seeking and impact investing.

6. Do you work in Financial Advice and/or Estate Planning?
We also offer in-house workshops on how to effectively work with your high-net-worth clients and families to pursue their philanthropic interests (CPD points are also available)

The consultancy service is suitable for everyone interested in philanthropy including: individual philanthropists; trusts/foundations; PAFs; PuAFs; sub-funds, community foundations; corporate foundations; business giving and all levels of government giving programs.


All existing Members of Philanthropy Australia will receive a 10% discount and the first initial scoping meeting is free.


Associate Consultants

Philanthropy Australia has partnered with a number of philanthropic experts as Associate Consultants.

In addition to Philanthropy Australia Staff, please meet our Associate Consultants here.

Our Clients

Philanthropy Australia has already worked successfully with a number of organisations via our professional Consultancy Service, namely:

Further information

If you want to find out more about our consultancy services - or if you're interested in joining the Philanthropy Australia Consultant Team - please contact Chris Wootton,

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