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In conversation with Peter McMullin and Nick Blinco
January 2018 | 7 mins

Statistics suggest that a child is born into statelessness every tenth minute. How can a philanthropist from Melbourne respond?

See how: Peter McMullin, McMullin Group and active philanthropist, and Nick Blinco, Vice-Principal (Advancement), The University of Melbourne, in conversation about the establishment of the new, first-ever, global Centre devoted to Statelessness: The Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness at the University of Melbourne Law School.

Peter McMullin’s philanthropic journey is extensive and varied and his interests include refugee law and social equity issues.  When he met Nick Blinco from Melbourne University at the 2016 Philanthropy Australia Conference, the idea of creating an academic Centre to examine the growing issue of statelessness was born.

Fast forward to 1 February 2018 when the Melbourne Law School’s Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness will begin operating under the leadership of Professor Michelle Foster. The Centre will undertake research, teach and engage in activities aimed at reducing statelessness and protecting the rights of stateless people.

The McMullin press release can be found here

To find out more about Melbourne Law School’s Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness, click here

Advocacy Update
December 2017 | 4 & 5 mins

The Australian Government made three announcements which impact upon philanthropy in the week of 4 December:

  • Setting out reform proposals for the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) framework
  • The introduction to legislation to ban foreign donations, which will prevent international philanthropy funding advocacy activities by charities
  • The appointment of the Hon Dr Gary Johns as the new ACNC Commissioner

The following two short video updates from Philanthropy Australia's Advocacy & Insight Manager, Krystian Seibert, outline Philanthropy Australia's  response to these announcements

In conversation with Daniel Lee
September 2017 | 51 mins

At the 2017 Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit, Daniel Lee shared his insights on the role of philanthropy as a driver of systems change, addressing root causes of social challenges and the relationship between philanthropy and government. 

Update from the CEO 
August 2017 | 5 mins

An update from Sarah Davies about the Collective Giving Report, building digital civil society, the Government’s review into DGR reform, the 2017 Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit and more!

Update from the CEO 
July 2017 | 3 mins

Sarah Davies talks about some recent additions to the Philanthropy Australia team, the venue for 2018 Australian Philanthropy Awards and more!

Advocacy Update
July 2017 | 3 mins

Discussion Paper on DGR Reform + Draft Submission

Krystian Seibert, Advocacy & Insight Manager

Genevieve Timmons: Unleashing generosity
June 2017 | 3 mins

The future of philanthropy is about deliberate, positive and effective relationships with all the people engaged in the process of giving. 

Alan Schwartz AM: The greatest opportunity 
May 2017 | 
2 mins

Alan Schwartz AM, President of Philanthropy Australia, shares some thoughts on the future of philanthropy – the greatest opportunity and what it means to be a philanthropist. 

Collaboration for community resilience and growth
January 2017 | 
46 mins

Given the complex challenges we confront in communities around Australia, 'going it alone' is simply not an option if philanthropy wants to make a difference.

So how can funders partner with each other, and with not-for-profits, businesses, governments and other stakeholders to leverage their resources and expertise?

Capacity building creates conditions for success 
November 2016 | 
5 mins

Mae Hong is Chair of Grantmakers for Organizational Effectiveness and Vice-President of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (USA). 

Members / Associates can view an extended version here >

Strategy reboot - evaluation of approaches
November 2016 | ​4

Mark Gunton is Chief Executive Officer of Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (USA). 

Traditional models are not something to be abandoned 
November 2016 | 
7 mins

Audette Exel AO is the CEO and Founder of The Adara Group and is the 2016 Leading Philanthropist.

Evolution or revolution: Is philanthropy future ready? 
November 2016 | 
3 mins

Featuring Sarah Davies, Paul Madden, Amelia Telford, Mae Hong, Kevin Robbie, Alexandra Gartmann, Genevieve Timmons and Stacey Thomas.

We can't afford for climate change to be an issue that divides us
November 2016 | 
2 mins

Amelia Telford is National Director of the Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

The launch of our 2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan
October 2016 | 
14 mins

Presented by Sarah Davies, CEO, Philanthropy Australia

Open the strategic map >

Debate: Is philanthropy future ready? 
October 2016 | 
34 mins

Moderated by Sarah Davies, Philanthropy Australia.


  • Tony Kalm (US), One Acre Fund
  • Sue Cunningham (US/UK), CASE
  • Michael Lynch AM, Sydney Community Foundation


  • Caitriona Fay, Perpetual Limited
  • José Pedro Ferrão (US), United Way 
  • Lani Evans (NZ), Vodafone NZ Foundation

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