Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit 2017

The Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit brought together Australian funders, political leaders, and policy makers to meet at the heart of Australia’s political system on the 11th and 12th of September 2017. The Summit is a special event which helps philanthropy and government understand each other’s perspectives and priorities and how they can work together to achieve shared objectives.

Given the changes we’re witnessing in democracies around the world, which was particularly apparent during 2016, the Summit examined what these changes mean for philanthropy, its relationship with government and its role as a catalyst for social change.

Bringing philanthropy and government together. Understanding the broader context within which they operate. Showcasing effective collaboration. Highlighting the importance of funding advocacy and efforts to influence policy.

Building on the success of the inaugural Summit held in 2015, the 2017 event was held over two days to enable participants to explore more issues in greater depth. A diverse range of speakers and panellists shared their insights at this unique event, with Daniel Lee from the Levi Strauss Foundation as a special international guest.

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