Life Member Policy

Life Member of Philanthropy Australia

One of the highest honours Philanthropy Australia can bestow is to offer Life Membership as an acknowledgement and recognition of outstanding and distinctive contribution of eminent persons to the field of philanthropy in Australia.

Since Philanthropy Australia’s inception more than 40 years ago, membership in and community connection to this organisation has grown and strengthened.  In order to acknowledge outstanding leadership in and contribution to the sector, Philanthropy Australia offers the important designation of Life Member to esteemed members of our Australian philanthropic community whose contribution of leadership and / or philanthropic generosity has had a significant impact on the sector and Australian society.



  • To recognise esteemed members of our Australian philanthropic community whose contribution of leadership has had significant impact on the sector and Australian society
  • To provide a national honour with a post nominal designation (LMPA) that awards the highest level of professional recognition in the field of Australian philanthropy
  • To strengthen these members’ link to Philanthropy Australia by encouraging input from their wisdom and experience, facilitating their continued advice and support of our mission.


Selection criteria

Life Members will be outstanding leaders in the sector and will have made any one or more of the following contributions to the field of philanthropy:

  1. Outstanding philanthropic giving  
  2. Sustained commitment and service to the philanthropic sector beyond the formal requirements of their position including leadership and active contribution to the sector
  3. Active leadership and outstanding contributions through innovation, academic or policy research and / or leadership at international, state or local level.


Nomination of candidates for Life Member

Philanthropy Australia members will be encouraged to nominate potential Life Members based on the publicised criteria. Nominations will be submitted to the Governance and Nominations subcommittee of the Board for review and approval.



  • Nominations welcome from any Philanthropy Australia member and staff for or on behalf of a Philanthropy Australia member who has consistently demonstrated one or more of the above criteria
  • The Governance and Nominations Committee will accept nominations of candidates and make recommendations for final approval to the Philanthropy Australia Board.  These recommendations will be based on criteria above
  • Voting members of the Philanthropy Australia Board may not be selected to receive this honour during their term on the Board.

Meanings and significance

  • Award is for life
  • The status recognises a select group of philanthropic leaders who play a highly distinguished role in Australian philanthropy
  • Certificate awarded
  • No further membership fee required in the case of an individual Philanthropy Australia member (however if part of a membership organisation, their fee would continue)
  • Post-nominal designation to be LMPA (pending approval via post nominal application process).

Revocation of Life Membership

  • Philanthropy Australia reserves the right to revoke the granting of Life Membership in extreme circumstances should the actions and behaviours of the relevant individual be deemed to be detrimental to the honour and / or to philanthropy and the sector more broadly; or should the individual be found guilty in a court of law of an offence contrary to the practice and operation of philanthropy.

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