US Foundation Funding for Australia

We partnered with the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, and the Foundation Center, to publish a report which details grant-making priorities of US foundations in Australia.

Report: US Foundation Funding for Australia

The report highlights the ‘data deficit’ we have when it comes to Australian philanthropy. We have much better data on the grant making of US foundations in Australia than we have for Australian foundations.

With this initiative, we’re aiming to start a discussion about the benefits of transparency and openness and how it supports collaboration, increases impact, and educates the community about the role and contribution of philanthropy.

In the coming months and years, we will be seeking to work with our Members and partners such as the Foundation Center, to develop the tools needed to better share data on Australian philanthropy, so we can all take advantage of these benefits.

As part of this initiative, the President of the Foundation Center, Bradford Smith, and the President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Stephen Heintz, visited Australia in early April 2016, to participate in launch events for the report and to meet with our Members. 

Photo credits: Murray Harris


We thank the Skrzynski Sky Foundation, the Trawalla Foundation and the Snow Foundation for their generous support for this initiative.

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