Australia’s Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts

The Australian philanthropic sector has provided many influential moments in Australian society. Whether by literally changing the landscape of our community (think Sidney Myer Music Bowl or award winning actors, such as Geoffrey Rush, who got their break through performing arts awards), to influencing and changing public policy (advocacy campaigns that have resulted in changes in legislation and common opinion), philanthropy is often the silent funder of extraordinary things. 

The Top 50 Gifts project aimed to capture these extraordinary events and share them, to not only inform and celebrate the way in which philanthropy has shaped our community, but also inspire others to give in such a way as to create a fairer, more diverse and culturally rich Australia.

By publicising and sharing these incredible stories we hope that all people, regardless of their perceived capacity to give, can see that philanthropy of all sizes, has left an indelible mark on our society and will continue to do so for as long as people have the generosity to give.

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Top 10 Gifts announced

Almost 8000 votes were cast and the People’s Choice Top 10 Philanthropic Gifts have been chosen. By sharing and celebrating these unique gifts and achievements, we hope to inspire all Australians to give.

  1. Establishment of the Epworth Hospital
  2. Wyatt Trust (The)
  3. Establishment of the Human Rights Law Centre
  4. Establishment of the Royal Botanic Gardens Australian Garden, Cranbourne
  5. Bush Heritage Australia
  6. No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)
  7. Miles Franklin Literary Award
  8. Establishment of Burnside Homes
  9. Establishment and Launch of The Heart Foundation of Australia
  10. Multi-channel Cochlear Implant - Electrical Stimulation of the Hearing Nerve

The media partner for the publication was Pro Bono Australia, an interactive version of the Top 50 can be found here.

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