Awards Case Studies

The Australian Philanthropy Awards recognise and celebrate extraordinary achievements in contemporary philanthropy for work that is visionary, high impact and transformative. They also celebrate partnerships between philanthropy and for-purpose organisations and honour those who are working to create lasting, positive change.

These case studies take an in-depth look at five of the Australian Philanthropy Award 2020 recipients and their stories.  

To view a list of all the 2020 recipients and read their stories, click here

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Bolder Philanthropy Award 

A long-term commitment from Gandel Philanthropy to ensure Victorian school children learned about the Holocaust is not only behind an innovative teaching program but also helped drive the advocacy that made studying the Holocaust mandatory in Victorian state schools.

Philanthropy Australia members can access the full video on the Better Giving Hub here.

International Philanthropy Award 2020

One of the key planks in Good Return's goal of eradicating extreme poverty across the Asia-Pacific region, is its long-term relationship with Accenture supporting financial literacy programs in Cambodia and Nepal. An innovation called the My Money Tracker mobile app reveals how the partnership between the two organisations is helping Cambodians have more control over their economic future. To learn more about international philanthropy please visit AIDN's website here

Better Philanthropy Award 2020

Housing affordability is a problem that won't go away, especially as housing prices keep climbing. But a unique collaboration between Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, Housing Choices Australia and Darebin Council in Melbourne found a new way to tackle housing affordability and was recognised with the Australian Philanthropy Awards' 2020 Better Philanthropy Award. Watch the story behind the innovation.

Environmental Philanthropy Award 2020

Last year’s Australian Philanthropy Awards recognised a powerful environmental initiative that brought together a group of funders with a project that could transform the Northern Territory's economy. Watch the story behind Beyond Zero Emission's 10 Gigawatt Vision here.


Best Grant Program Award 2020

Last year’s Australian Philanthropy Awards’ Best Grant Program recognised a long-standing initiative that has helped many rural and regional communities cope with the lasting impact of drought. See here how one small grant can make a big difference to a community struggling to cope with the long-term effect of drought.


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