Best Grant Program Award

The Best Grant Program Award recognises the value of considered, effective and targeted philanthropic grant programs which support positive social, cultural or environmental change. This award showcases the work of program managers and gives people running private ancillary funds (PAFs) an opportunity to share the thinking behind their grantmaking.



Nominations will be assessed on the below criteria:  

  1. The issue or need that the grants program aims to address or support
  2. The evidence that has been used to inform the specific granting approach
  3. How the grants program contributes to more and better philanthropy
  4. Specific example of a grant, within your program, that exemplifies the qualities of the grants program
  5. Specify the one thing that makes this a knockout nomination

This Award is for activity occurring in the last five years (2016-2020) – this may include design, funding, outcomes and/or impact.


The Best Grant Program Award is for funders and grant-makers to self-nominate, highlighting how their grant strategy and approach supports positive change.

The Award is for philanthropic trusts, foundations (including corporate) and/or individuals (PAFs) where the individual grants within the program do not exceed $50,000. The grant program can be any coherent, themed program e.g. small grants program, place-based program, matched funding program, capacity-building program etc.

The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the Australian philanthropic and broader social change community. You can nominate your own organisation.


Best Grant Program Award nominations must be accompanied by two letters of support that demonstrate that:

  • the grant-maker's program encompasses community need; and
  • it was effective.

This category is for philanthropy only (not partnership) but the recipient of this Award will be asked to share an example (1) of a grant partnership that best demonstrates the thinking behind their programming.

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