Better Philanthropy Award

The Better Philanthropy Award is a new category in the Australian Philanthropy Awards Program. It recognises innovation and/or initiatives that have enhanced or extended current philanthropic practice, contributing to ‘better’ philanthropy.


Nominations will be assessed on the below criteria:  

  1. How the grant-maker or initiative has contributed to better philanthropy through enhancing or extending current philanthropic practice (E.g. new/different collaboration models, decision-making processes, funding structures, governance structures, tools, frameworks etc.)
  2. The problem that it sought to address or solve (Nb. there does NOT need to be evidence of positive outcomes or change being achieved, but there must be demonstrated assessment and learning as a result of applying the new approach)
  3. The unique approach or way of working developed by this grant-maker
  4. Specify three things that make this a knockout nomination.

This Award is for activity occurring in the last five years (2015-2019) – this may include design, funding, outcomes and/or delivery of impact.  


The Better Philanthropy Award is for the professional practice of philanthropy and it is awarded to philanthropists/organisations that are demonstrating best practice contemporary philanthropy through their work.

This award is focused on innovation and contribution to ‘better’ philanthropy.  Nominations may be for an individual organisation or a collaboration of funders.

The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the Australian philanthropic and broader social change community. You can nominate your own organisation.

The Better Philanthropy Award is presented in partnership with Macquarie Group.

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