Community Philanthropy Award

The Community Philanthropy Award recognises impact achieved through place-based, community-led philanthropy. This Award is for philanthropic initiatives that address a local community’s current or emerging priority issue to create positive change and community empowerment.



Nominations will be assessed on the below criteria:  

  1. Addresses place-based challenges and achieves great outcomes for that place. 
  2. Ability to leverage and unlock community assets beyond granting (social capital, research etc).
  3. Demonstrated value-adding through convening power, i.e. community foundation / community philanthropy group acts as a conduit to local knowledge and need.
  4. Collaboration and cross-sector partnership. 
  5. Specify the one thing that makes this a knockout nomination. 

This Award is for activity occurring in the last five years (2016-2020) – this may include design, funding, outcomes and/or impact.


The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the Australian philanthropic and broader social change community. You are able to nominate your own organisation.

The Community Philanthropy Award is presented in partnership with Australian Communities Foundation, Australian Community Philanthropy, the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

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