Environmental Award 2018

The Purves Environmental Fund (PEF) for The Purves Tree-Clearing Challenge

The Purves Environmental Fund (PEF) and 27 donors to the Purves Tree-Clearing Challenge for the Tree-Clearing Alliance (TCA), made up of 22 large and small community groups.

The PEF launched the Purves Tree-Clearing Challenge which would contribute $1 million to support a comprehensive action plan to end excessive tree clearing in Australia – provided this amount could be matched by other donors. To date, the challenge has raised $1.5 million in funding from 27 donors, which leverages and adds further capacity on the wide and deep support that TCA members receive from supporters across Australia.

PEF collaborated with the TCA to develop, monitor and evaluate an action plan and associated funding case that would ensure win-win outcomes for forests and woodlands, the farm sector, wildlife, the Reef and the climate. The Challenge and the Alliance achieved far greater impact than if each community group and funder had worked alone.

In 2017-18, the TCA:

  • Raised awareness that Australia is a global leader in tree-clearing, with half a million hectares being bulldozed annually across Queensland, NSW, WA and NT;
  • Achieved stronger laws and compliance enforcement in Queensland to protect trees and wildlife, reduce sediment pollution of the Reef, and cut carbon emissions from excessive bulldozing of forests and woodlands;
  • Worked with beef producers and large retailers to collaboratively progress market solutions that support farmers who protect trees; and,
  • Supported new income streams for landholders to conserve trees and store carbon in landscapes. The Queensland Government committed to a $500 million  and restoration fund model that others may follow.

In 2018-19, the TCA will focus on ending excessive tree clearing in NSW and nationally.

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