Australian Philanthropy Awards

2018 Environmental Philanthropy Award

This Award, presented in partnership with the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN), is for current achievements from funding initiatives invested in projects or organisations that specifically support the environment, or – where a project or organisation’s main focus is in another issue area – that there is a significant co-benefit to the environment.

One of the purposes of the Awards is to acknowledge recent outstanding work in philanthropy. As with our other Awards, the timeframe for the Environmental Philanthropy Award recognises and celebrates best practice philanthropy across the past five years (for work occurring during the years 2013 – 2017).

Nominations are now closed

The nominations closed on Friday 25 May at 5pm. 

The Australian Philanthropy Awards 2018 event will be held on Thursday 26 July at the iconic Sydney Opera House. All nominators will be notified of the outcome of their nomination, and if successful, we will be in touch with further exciting details prior to the Awards event.

Thank you for supporting the Australian Philanthropy Awards through this nomination and stay tuned for further information about the event in the coming weeks.


Nominations are welcomed from Philanthropy Australia members and non-members, AEGN members, supporters and friends of our partner organisations.

You may not nominate yourself, but you may nominate your organisation.

Nominees’ names will remain confidential and only successful recipients will be announced.

Any member of the Australian general public may be nominated, however current staff and Council of Philanthropy Australia and AEGN, and members of the Selection Panel are not eligible.


One of the purposes of the Awards is to acknowledge recent outstanding work in philanthropy. To that end, the timeframe has been set broadly for activity in the past five years (2013 – 2017), which may include design, funding and/or delivery of impact during that time period.

Selection criteria

An award for a grant that improves the conservation and functioning of Australia’s environment and:

  • Demonstrates two or more of the following qualities: leadership, ambition, innovation and risk, transformational change, measurable and significant impact, future focus, collaboration, multiple co-benefits, scalability or replicability
  • Illustrates strong relationship-building between grant recipient and grant maker

Selection process

Submissions will be reviewed by the Selection Panel in late May 2018 for announcement at the Australian Philanthropy Awards Celebration on Thursday 26th July 2018 at the Sydney Opera House.

Award Partner

Thank you to the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, our Environmental Philanthropy Award Partner.


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