International Award 2018

Wheelton Philanthropy for Bali Children Foundation (BCF)

Paul Wheelton AM KSJ has been passionately supporting the Bali Children Foundation (BCF) since 2005. As a champion for the value of education, he has contributed to sustainable outcomes for thousands of disadvantaged Balinese children. He recently established the Bali Children Foundation Australia Limited, a registered Australian charity, enabling tax deductable donations to BCF in Bali.

Paul’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged children is illustrated by Wheelton Philanthropy’s long history of collaboration with BCF. In 2006 Paul was appointed Chair of the BCF Advisory Board, a significant juncture for the organisation. Paul’s respect for and ability to work with local partners as critical stakeholders was a significant factor in establishing BCF’s record of success. Applying his renowned business acumen to securing funds for the development of its educational assets, by 2013 BCF had established education centres, offices and staff in North, South and West Bali. 

Based in Bali for over 20 years, Marg Barry OAM is the inspirational founder and leader of the BCF. As cornerstones of BCF’s success, Paul and Marg both approach their charitable work with a business mindset, focusing on practical, measured and cost-effective approaches to creating change. Through a strong focus on evidence-based implementation, BCF have been able to build physical, educational, compliance and database infrastructure that ensures its ongoing capacity to serve the community in Bali. 

Paul’s extensive philanthropic efforts reach a variety of other organisations internationally, including the Lombok Eye Project and Women Moving Millions – a USA-based charity that involves members committing $1 million  toward women’s equality. In Australia, his philanthropic portfolio includes Life Education, Northern Health Foundation, Camberwell Grammar School, Guide Dogs Victoria, and Her Heart.

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