International Philanthropy Award

The International Philanthropy Award recognises significant achievements in Australian international philanthropy. It is for grants allocated to domestically based organisations operating overseas that work towards achieving a better and more sustainable future for all through a global measurement framework e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



This award is for Australian organisations that have made international grants. Nominations will be assessed on the below criteria:  

  1. Demonstrates catalytic use of philanthropic funds to achieve impact towards the SDGs internationally
  2. Demonstrates a genuine partnership between the grantmaker and the recipient which is true to the mission and values of the recipient
  3. Demonstrates leadership in contributing to more and/or better international philanthropy by Australians
  4. Specify one thing that makes this a knockout nomination.

The timeframe is for activity occurring in the last five years (2016-2020) – this may include design, funding, program outcomes and/or delivery of impact.  


The Australian Philanthropy Awards are open to all members of the Australian philanthropic and broader social change community. You are able to nominate your own organisation.

The International Philanthropy Award is presented in partnership with the Australian Council for International Development and the Australian International Development Network.


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