Benchmarking Study

When it comes to the effectiveness of the philanthropic sector, one of our perennial challenges is a lack of good data. We are pleased to have taken an important step in closing the data gap with the launch of the Benchmarking Operational Processes and Expenses: A Study of Australian and New Zealand Foundations.

The Benchmarking study provides a sector-wide overview of the resources and costs incurred by trusts and foundations from Australia and New Zealand. It is based on a comprehensive survey and explores how resourcing arrangements and costs can vary based on differences in fund size, type of structure, and grant-making approach. 

Whether you are new to the sector or looking to advance your knowledge, we hope the key findings from the report will help you better understand the practices and approaches of trusts and foundations, and help support your decision making around resource allocation. 

Our thanks go to The Ian Potter Foundation, Clayton Utz Foundation, June Canavan Foundation, Origin Foundation and St.George Foundation for their generous support of this important project.

We would also like to acknowledge the in kind contributions of Effective Philanthropy and Philanthropy New Zealand. Many thanks too to the advisory group for their time and assistance. 

Our sincere thanks to the participants in the research project for taking the time to contribute their data. All participants will receive a full copy of the final report. 

If you are a Member of Philanthropy Australia, you can access the Executive Summary of the Report in the member section of the website.

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