Grantmaking opportunities: community power through community energy

It seems clear to me that leadership on climate change has to come from community members working together for the common good. Governments will follow. Read more…

Feb. 14, 2017   |   Dr. Colin Brown

Collaborating for impact

If we understand the merits of collaboration, and the strength of partnerships in collective impact, what infrastructure and skills need to be in place to allow it to thrive? Read more…

Jan. 31, 2017   |   Jacqui Jones

How a live collective giving event became a powerful antidote to prevailing negativity

On the very evening that the US election result stunned the world, 150 shell-shocked corporate heavyweights gathered in the vast foyer of Clayton Utz’s citadel in Sydney’s Bligh Street. They weren’t seeking legal advice. Read more…

Nov. 28, 2016   |   Lisa Cotton

Community-Led Economic Regeneration – What Can We Learn From Cleveland, Ohio?

It’s time to bring not for profits, philanthropy, cooperatives and government together as part of a community-led economic regeneration with an eye on the successful Cleveland Model in the US, writes Krystian Seibert from Philanthropy Australia. Read more…

Nov. 25, 2016   |   Krystian Seibert

Seeking funding and the search for Atlantis

Seeking funding from philanthropists can be complex, time consuming and often fraught with failure. We think we know what funders want, only to find that their funding focus has moved and your organisation or program is no longer in their line of sight. Read more…

Nov. 24, 2016   |   Chris Wootton

Not-for-profits leading social innovation

The contemporary understanding of charity is more than giving a hand out or a hand up. It is especially about leaders in the not-for-profit sector working with their communities (of place or interest) using knowledge, networks and data to create a vision for a fairer, more sustainable future. Read more…

Nov. 15, 2016   |   Catherine Brown

People give to children and cancer

So often have I heard that phrase, perhaps offered as a reason - or as an excuse - as to why it’s hard to raise money for other causes. As someone who has made a career out of raising funds for tertiary education and the arts, I’ve had to battle the “children and cancer” naysayers a fair bit. Read more…

Nov. 08, 2016   |   Hannah Bone

Listening, learning, evolving

As I approach the first anniversary of my appointment as The Ian Potter Foundation Chief Executive, I have just returned from my first Philanthropy Australia Conference. Attending this conference allowed me to lift my head from my focus on our own grant making processes and Foundation operations, and explore many concepts critical to our quest to be the most effective grant maker we can be. Read more…

Oct. 04, 2016   |   Craig Connelly

So what is better philanthropy?

I am sure everyone of us have made donations to charities during the course of our lives. This I would suggest is likely to be a disengaged form of giving. Basically, we receive a receipt and newsletters follow with more requests for donations. To pick up on Philanthropy Australia's catch cry, we need more of this but we need it to be better. Read more…

Sep. 27, 2016   |   Geoff Day

 Tags: collective giving

Philanthropy is not future ready, but these 4 steps will help turn the corner

Despite decades of investment, good will and effort by Australia’s philanthropic sector, it surprised few attendees of the Philanthropy Australia conference that philanthropy is not future ready. To really move beyond ‘tinkering around the edges’ of complex social issues in Australia, the sector must embrace the reality that we – philanthropy, communities, business, government and service delivery organisations - are all in this together. Read more…

Sep. 27, 2016   |   Kevin Robbie

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