Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 11

History of Community Foundations History of Community Foundations in the USA The first community foundation was started in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914 by Frederick Goff, president of the Cleveland Trust Company.  Following the establishment of the Cleveland Foundation, other trustee companies began to promote community foundations. The growth of community foundations in the US was geographically uneven; they flourished in the Midwest and North East, which had a thriving nonprofit sector, and in cities, but… Read more…

Oct. 16, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 10

The Collectors While Alfred Felton (profiled in Issue 5) is arguably the best-known benefactor of an arts organisation in Australia, there have been others who left their donations in the form of cultural items, rather than money, who have been equally significant. In this edition we profile two of them, and the institutions which were created as a result of their benefactions. Howard Hinton; short-sighted man, long-sighted benefactor Howard Hinton was born in England in… Read more…

Aug. 02, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 9

The Collier Charitable Fund: Celebrating $50 Million of Philanthropy This week in Melbourne, the Lord Mayor John So addressed a gathering to celebrate $50 million of gifts, over more than 50 years, from the estates of three extraordinarily benevolent philanthropic women: Alice, Annette and Edith Collier. Jenkin Collier When Jenkin Collier arrived in Australia in 1852 he could not have imagined how his three daughters would one day influence the philanthropic sector through their combined… Read more…

May. 31, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 8

The Philanthropy Australia Resource Centre – a decade of development In this edition we start with Philanthropy Australia’s very first Journal, and a grant to establish a “small resource centre”... In the first edition of Philanthropy Australia’s journal (now known as Australian Philanthropy, at the time simply Philanthropy), the news pages featured the following item: Resource Centre for AAP [Australian Association of Philanthropy, our original name] AAP is delighted to have received a most generous… Read more…

Apr. 26, 2007

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Celebrating 30 Years: Issue 7

A History of Planned Charity   In this edition we go back as far as we can, to the very beginnings of planned giving, and investigate how organised giving began, where the notion of perpetual foundations came from, and how things have changed. Ancient and Mediaeval Times We know that charitable giving existed in ancient times; in the 23rd century BC, the Egyptian governor Harkhuf had a record of his charitable acts inscribed on the… Read more…

Apr. 05, 2007

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