Unlocking Collective Impact

If you are like me, the term collective impact is a new concept, so getting my head around it can take some reminding and repetition. For a quick refresher, here is my version of what collective impact is all about and how to get started on a collective impact project. Read more…

Jan. 24, 2016   |   Hayley Morris, AEGN Board Member

 Tags: collaboration, collective impact

Reflections on the Inaugural Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit

Last week, Philanthropy Australia’s inaugural ‘Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit’ brought together Australian funders, political leaders and policy makers to meet at the heart of Australia’s political system, Parliament House in Canberra. Read more…

Sep. 15, 2015   |   Krystian Seibert, Policy & Research Manager, Philanthropy Australia

 Tags: collaboration, government, impact investing, policy, systems change

The 3 C’s of environmental philanthropy - valuing collaboration, collective impact and communication

I love my job! As I write this I’ve just gotten off the phone with Jennie Curtis from the Garfield Foundation in the US and I feel so inspired. Jennie has been working on big, audacious projects using a collective impact and collaborative approach. Jennie knows about collaboration and collective impact from both a practical and a philanthropic perspective and is the first person that I’ve spoken to that could really make sense of how “collective impact” works. What a rare being! Read more…

Aug. 14, 2015   |   Amanda Martin, CEO, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network (AEGN)

 Tags: collaboration, environment

Case study in collaboration: Partnership model to build a stronger foundation for homework clubs

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” these wise words from Helen Keller are ones which held us in good stead when working towards a solution of long-term sustainability for homework clubs in Victorian schools. Read more…

May. 27, 2015   |   Trudy Wyse, Australia Communities Foundation

 Tags: collaboration, communities, partnership

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