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Philanthropy often gets in the news because of mega-gifts – from the likes of the Packers and tech billionaires. It is not surprising that generosity on such a scale captivates us, but the mega-gifts are one part of a much larger story about giving in this nation. Read more…

Sep. 03, 2014

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Vale Loti Smorgon

On behalf of the philanthropic sector, Philanthropy Australia gratefully acknowledges the enormous contribution Loti Smorgon has made to the Australian community throughout her lifetime. Loti Smorgon (nèe Kiffer) immigrated to Melbourne from Poland with her family in the 1920s. Ukrainian-born Victor Smorgon, who Loti would marry in 1937, arrived in Melbourne around the same time with his family. Loti and her husband shared a desire to give back to the country that had become their… Read more…

Aug. 29, 2013

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Clive Berghofer sets new Australian philanthropic record with $50.1 million donation

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has today announced that it is the fortunate benefactor of a $50.1 million donation by Toowoomba-based property developer, Clive Berghofer.1  It is the largest single donation in Australia, on record.2 Clive, along with Philanthropy Australia and many others, hopes that his actions will inspire others to follow suit. “There’s heaps of people with plenty of money who don’t give,’’ the 78-year-old said. “Some people want you to give, but… Read more…

Aug. 07, 2013

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Bill Gates in Australia; inspiring philanthropy

Philanthropist Bill Gates has been inspiring Australians with his dedication to, and promotion of, philanthropy. Here’s some of the Gates-related coverage from this week. Bill Gates appeared on a special edition of the ABC’s Q&A program on Tuesday, 29 May, with several Australian philanthropy experts in the audience including CEO Louise Walsh. The program will be available to view on ABC’s iview until Tuesday 11 June. A transcript of the program is also available on… Read more…

May. 29, 2013

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Tasmanian Bushfires - donation and emergency info

Here is some information for those seeking to assist in response to the recent bushfires in Tasmania: For donations: Red Cross and the State Government are working together to provide support to people who have been forced to flee their homes or lost their homes due to the fire. See the link below for more information about their response and if you or your organisation would like to make a donation of money or goods.… Read more…

Jan. 07, 2013

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