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New Papers & Reports:

  • What Business Execs Don’t Know - but Should - About Nonprofits “Business leaders play vital roles in the nonprofit sector—as board members, donors, partners, and even executives. Yet all too often they underestimate the unique challenges of managing nonprofit organizations. In this article, 11 executives who have played leadership roles in both for-profits and nonprofits reveal the critical differences between the two, and suggest ways that business and nonprofit leaders can use this information to create a more effective social sector.”

  • Funding for Impact: How to Design Strategic Grantmaking Programs Historically, philanthropic foundations have rarely had to justify the use of their funds as long as they were being directed to the public good. However, funders in Australia and overseas are increasingly attempting to demonstrate the impact of their grantmaking. The TCC Group, a US-based consulting firm that works with philanthropic foundations and corporate citizenship programs, has produced “Funding for Impact: How to Design Strategic Grantmaking Programs” to assist funders designing new grants programs, as well as those rethinking existing programs.
  • Is Doing Good Good for You? Yes, Charitable Contributions Enhance Revenue Growth “A key question concerning socially responsible corporate activities is whether such actions achieve traditional goals, such as profit maximization and shareholder value creation, or whether such activities represent a drain on resources by opportunistic managers. Much of the debate about the legitimacy of and justification for socially responsible activities would be settled if it is convincingly shown that they further traditional business goals. In this study we provide such evidence.”
  • The social responsibility of corporations “CAMAC’s report on The social responsibility of corporations aims to provide a pathway through the mass of material and opinions on this subject, as well as respond to questions raised in the terms of reference from the Government. While largely focused on the conduct of business corporations, the report notes that issues of social responsibility also arise for other entities, including public sector, non-profit and unincorporated bodies.”
  • Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy (USA) The study focuses on those American households with incomes of over US$200,000 or assets over US$1million, which represent only 3% of US households but are collectively responsible for over two thirds of all US household giving. The study discovered that high net worth households have very different giving patterns to the overall US population, with less giving to religious organisations and more to combined-purpose organisations, education, the arts and culture.
  • PPFs - Aggregate Statistics September 2006 The latest statistics on donations to and distributions by Prescribed Private Funds in Australia. Figures collated by Myles McGregor-Lowns of the Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT.

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Feb. 01, 2007

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