Battle of the Philanthropists: Which State Donates the Most?

We’re a generous bunch, us Aussies. Each charitable giver donates an average of $348 per year. But which state takes the cake when it comes to giving the most?

Which state is the most generous? 

NSW is the clear winner!

Hey…wait a second...

Generosity isn’t just how much you give. It’s also how much you give relative to how much you have. So based on taxable incomes, we pitted the most generous suburbs in each state against each other, looking at which one gives the most each year as a percentage of what they earn:

The tables have turned, showing that the sunshine state isn’t above spreading some light of their own. Sunshine Coast suburb Maleny takes this round.

They say time is money, though

Not everyone can donate money. Some choose to give back through time instead. And some people do both. The contribution of volunteering in Australia has an estimated worth of around $25b – each year – excluding elements like travel. Also not considered in that figure are the results of the work done by volunteers. With more than 500 million hours ‘donated’ each year by Aussie volunteers, which state is the most generous with its time? 

Great work NSW! 

But wait – NSW has the most people, right? Let’s balance things out a bit. Which state has the highest percentage of its population volunteering? 

NT jumps to the top! Once again, the underdog proves it’s not just the resources you have – it’s how you use them.

What does a donor/volunteer look like?

People more likely to donate time or money are typically:

  • Older – people aged 35-65 are significantly more likely to volunteer or donate money to charity.
  • Female – 38% of females are likely to contribute to charitable causes, compared to 34.4% of males.
  • Donating because they believe in the cause or charity – 31.5% of Australians who donate to charity do it because they believe in the cause. The next most common reason (22.9%) is respect for the work a charity does.
  • Donating to Humanitarian Services – Humanitarian Services are dominating market share, claiming 35% of donations in Australia. After that, people are donating to Health and Disability, and Charitable Lotteries (12% each).

Charity isn’t really a competition, though

When it comes to charitable giving, the real winner isn’t a state or suburb – it’s the beneficiaries of the organisation. So whether you’re volunteering to walk shelter dogs or donating money to enter a raffle, you can rest easy at night knowing your contribution has helped someone in need.


Mar. 20, 2017

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