Challenging discussions in philanthropy

By: Philanthropy Australia

There are a number of current, challenging discussions making their way through philanthropy today.

For example (i) its social licence to operate (on which Krystian Seibert has written, see his latest piece here; (ii) participatory philanthropy (which was explored at the 2016 Philanthropy Australia Conference) and (iii) the development of impact and mission related investing markets and products . 

A subject that we think will stay headlining for a while, is the ‘(un)democratic’ nature of philanthropy. It’s a topic that has not really landed hard in the Australian context until now, perhaps because philanthropy has been quite private and we have not enjoyed the scale of philanthropic giving seen in the US. 

But as we experience the growth and greater public recognition of the critical role of philanthropy in Australian society this is a question that will draw more attention and debate. It’s a good debate to have: a subject to be explored and understood, it will feature in our conference next year (4-6 September 2018, Melbourne) as well as being the focus of a number of smaller discussions with members.

So to whet your appetite, check out these articles:

Jul. 11, 2017

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