Climate Change

We run a collection of Topical Issues pages on our site, created on demand and keeping Members (and other interested visitors) up-to-date with new info on the issues that we think will be relevant to folk in the Australian philanthropy sector. Hopefully, this blog will help that process by allowing visitors to subscribe in order to receive immediate notification of updates of these pages.

With that in mind, we’d like to alert you to an upcoming media item on climate change. Climate change is undoubtedly a topical issue in Australian politics and society right now, and the philanthropy sector is no exception. You can find our Topical Issue page on climate change here.

This Thursday night (February 8th), ABC TV’s 7:30 Report is going to host a debate between Malcolm Turnbull (Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources) and Peter Garrett (Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment & Heritage, Arts) on climate change. Following the edition, we’ll locate the transcript online and link to it from our Climate Change page, in case you missed it.

The 7.30 Report also ran a segment on February 6th on climate change, featuring debate between the Government and the Opposition. You can read the transcript here.

There’s so much in the media on climate change right now, at times it can be a difficult task to sift through and find those items specifically relevant to the philanthropy sector. If you’ve found something we haven’t, please drop us a line via comment or email so we can share it around.

Feb. 07, 2007

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