Climate change is every philanthropist’s business

By: Amanda Martin   |   AEGN

You don’t have to be an ecologist to see that our environment is linked to all aspects of our lives. It’s the environment that provides us with the places we love – where we can walk, climb, swim, ski, gather together, or just sit and reflect.

Looking after our natural world can result in significant benefits for vital areas such as health, human rights, security and the economy. Australia’s economic growth and future wealth depends on a healthy environment that provides us all with fresh air, clean water and living soils.

Climate change, which has a profound and pervasive influence on natural processes, also impacts a variety of sectors. As the driest inhabited continent on Earth, Australia’s water security, natural ecosystems and coastal communities are very vulnerable to relatively low rises in temperature. There are many ways in which grantmakers can continue to focus on their area of interest, while responding to climate change.

Some examples of combining your area of interest with climate change action include:

  • Supporting community service agencies to provide additional support to older clients during summer heat waves
  • Funding initiatives which engage young people in work and training in climate-friendly areas like sustainable energy, transport and vegetation management
  • Resourcing arts projects which increase their audience’s awareness of climate issues
  • Supporting Indigenous Australians to manage their custodial lands, reducing the chance of major bushfires and carbon emissions from unmanaged fires
  • Funding the development of curriculum materials and teacher professional development on climate change

Whether your interest is in education, health, youth, Indigenous Australians or the arts – as a philanthropist you have a crucial role to play in addressing climate change and its impacts here in Australia.

The AEGN has partnered with Philanthropy Australia to hold two ‘entry level’ events for philanthropists who are interested in exploring the impacts of climate change on the issues they are passionate about and support. Philanthropy Leading on Climate Change will take place on Tuesday 8 March (4pm to 6pm) in Melbourne and Wednesday 9 March (2pm to 4pm) in Sydney. To register your interest or for more information, please contact:

Mar. 01, 2016

 Tags: climate change

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