Clive Berghofer sets new Australian philanthropic record with $50.1 million donation

Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has today announced that it is the fortunate benefactor of a $50.1 million donation by Toowoomba-based property developer, Clive Berghofer.1  It is the largest single donation in Australia, on record.2

Clive, along with Philanthropy Australia and many others, hopes that his actions will inspire others to follow suit. “There’s heaps of people with plenty of money who don’t give,’’ the 78-year-old said. “Some people want you to give, but they don’t give themselves. I like to lead by example.”3

The definition of a self-made man, Clive Berghofer left school at only 13 after struggling with what is recognised today as dyslexia. He is now one of Queensland’s richest men, and one of Australia’s leading philanthropists -  though he has “never read a book.”4,5

“Some people want you to give, but they don’t give themselves. I like to lead by example.”

QIMR director, Professor Frank Gannon, said he was “stunned because of the scale of the generosity,” which will ensure that the Institute will be able to maintain its “world leading level of research” for at least the next 25 years.6  Such stability will enable the Institute to attract the best researchers to further cancer, infectious disease, and mental health research.7

Clive has an inspiring philanthropic record. The Cancer Research Centre, part of QIMR, already bore his name in honour of his 2001, $10 million donation. QIMR will now itself be renamed as the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, in acknowledgement of his 25 year funding commitment.

Clive has also made significant contributions to Careflight, Red Cross, St Vincent’s Hospital, Toowoomba Hospice and the University of Southern Queensland,8  and in 2006 was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to the community, through philanthropic support of medical research, sporting and educational organisations.9

Clive’s donation of $50.1 million over 25 years tops Graham Tuckwell’s $50 million donation to Australian National University in February of this year, and American Chuck Feeney’s $50 million donation to Brisbane’s Translational Research Institute in 2009, in single donation terms.10



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Aug. 07, 2013

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