Deductible Gifts data and tools released

The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment at QUT has released a paper examining tax deductible giving in Australia in 2006/07. The paper shows a jump in both the total amount claimed - $1.89 billion in 06/07, up from $1.55 billion in 05/06) and the average donation ($440, up from $370). This continues the series of papers by CPNS on tax deductible donations in Australia, but is the first time that occupations have been included.

The summary of this paper is downloadable from CPNS’s ‘Current Issues Information Sheets’ at The full paper is downloadable from QUT Eprints website.

CPNS’ website also has a tool which can be used to examine the statistics on individual postcodes and occupations, allowing users to see how “giving” a particular area is or the details on giving within a particular profession. See here:

Jun. 01, 2009

 Tags: research & information, general

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