Event - Reconciliation: Two Centuries On, Is Dialogue Enough?

The Centre for Dialogue is pleased to announce its 2007 annual lecture by Patrick Dodson:

Reconciliation: Two Centuries On, Is Dialogue Enough?

10th of October, 2007

Brunswick Town Hall

233 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Frequently heralded as the “Father of the Reconciliation Movement”, Patrick Dodson is widely recognised for his involvement in the preservation and advancement of indigenous rights and culture throughout Australia. He has served as the Chairman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (1991-1997), and often works as a consultant for industry, government and community groups on Indigenous affairs.

He is also the founding Chairman for Lingiari Foundation, a leading research and development organisation that seeks for the advancement of indigenous affairs.

The lecture will address some of the key issues facing the reconciliation movement, such as

Is reconciliation dead?

If not, what does the future hold?

What form will it take?

Who needs to do what, when, and how?

We are also encouraging people to invite any one who they feel would be interested in attending the event.

Please RSVP by emailing Christine Siokou - dialogue@latrobe.edu.au

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Sep. 20, 2007

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