Gender Lens Workshops

The Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) and the Australian Women Donors Network are pleased to announce a series of new workshops for 2010 - a unique educational opportunity to help you to maximise your effectiveness as philanthropic Trustees and Executive Officers.

Run by Mary Crooks, Executive Director of VWT and Andrew Mountford, Telos Partners, the 2 hour workshops are based on ‘A Gender Lens for Inclusive Philanthropy’ (published 2009) which calls for a fresh look at gender and its relevance to effective philanthropy.

    “A gender lens helps us to see more clearly the deeply layered role that gender plays in shaping our male and female lives, work, experiences and choices ...  Appreciating gender difference itself – picking up on the innate and life-course differences between boys and girls, men and women - and making sure that these differences are accounted for in projects and other philanthropic initiatives, will result in better targeting and allocation of resources, and a more informed response to deep-seated inequalities.”

Workshops will be held in: 


  • Wednesday 5 May

  • Friday 23 July

  • Friday 10 September
  • Sydney

  • Friday 7 May
  • Tuesday 20 July
  • Tuesday 7 September
  • Further details and registration forms are available from the Victorian Women’s Trust website

    Apr. 13, 2010

     Tags: news, general, events, advocacy

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