Global launch of the Human Development Report 2011

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) this week released the 2011 edition of the Human Development report. Examining data from around the world on various areas including literacy, carbon emissions, endangered species, poverty, impact of natural disasters, and mortality, the Report presents findings on the state of global development. Its recommendations focus on the challenge of sustainable development and its relationship with global warming and inequality. From the summary:

The integral relationship between inequality and unsustainability is recognized. The inequitably apportioned control and consumption of natural resources is a key driver of global warming — and yet those who will suffer most from climate change are disproportionately those least responsible for environmental deterioration. The Report seeks to identify ways in which sustainability and equity can be jointly advanced.

Australia is ranked at #2 - Very High HDI - for our overall level of development, human rights, gender equality and living conditions in the Human Development Index for 2011.  Broken down into some of the areas of development, Australia ranks at #3 for Education, #5 for Health, and #18 for Income .

Norway topped the list of overall HDI at #1, with the Netherlands at #3 and USA at #4. To no surprise for many, Congo ranked at the bottom of the list of 187 indexed countries for its poor record of human rights and prosperity. Somalia was the only country not ranked due to a lack of data.

The Report is  available to download free as PDF or eBook and hardcopies can be purchased for $40USD each.

» Go to the selection of downloads of the Human Development Report

» Order a hardcopy from the United Nations Publications website

The HDI website also has a fantastic array of data tools and visualisations charting the Human Development Index back to 1980.

» Click here to visit the Human Development Report website

Nov. 04, 2011

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