Mission Australia’s 2007 Survey of Australia’s Young People

Mission Australia is conducting its sixth survey of young Australians aged between 11-24 years. Its primary purpose is to identify and clarify the key and emerging issues for young people. It asks young people about what they value; their concerns; sources of advice and support; involvement in community activities, whether they identify as Indigenous and if they live in or outside a capital city.  In 2006, 14,700 young people responded to the survey.

The survey publicly affirms that young people and their views are valued by the community and is a valuable resource for:

  • Young people themselves
  • Those working with young people, in helping to evaluate and improve their programs and policies
  • Those involved in youth issues, including youth organisations, researchers, employers, politicians
  • Anyone concerned about the wellbeing of young people.

Copies of the report of the survey findings will be available late in 2007 and broadly distributed.

Apr. 18, 2007

 Tags: research & information, news

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