More on Queensland flood relief

(We will update this post as further information and resources come to hand; last updated 8:30 AM, 16/01/11 with details of FPA and Red Cross services)

75% of Queensland has now been declared a disaster situation and many Australian individuals, as well as companies, trusts and foundations, are eager to help.

  • This is still an unfolding disaster, and medium and long term support will be needed to help the affected communities recover. As with the Victorian bushfires, donations and support will still be needed many months and even years after the event.
  • The majority of agencies cannot accept donations of goods for flood victims. Many roads are impassable and goods cannot be transported. It is also important that people are able to purchase replacement goods from their local businesses once they are able to reopen, as this will help economic recovery in affected areas. (Edit: Andrew Heslop explains why cash is best)
  • Some agencies and funding bodies do not yet have specific flood appeals, or programs in place for relief. Many agencies are waiting until the floodwaters subside so that they can accurately gauge the level and type of help needed.

For those wishing to donate:

  • The primary flood appeal is the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund but please note that as an Item 2 DGR, the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund is an ineligible recipient for donations from Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) and Public Ancillary Funds (PuAFs).
  • PAFs and PuAFs wishing to donate to flood relief may wish to speak to the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) which is an item 1 DGR and has experience in providing a post natural disaster grants programs
  • The Red Cross does not have a specific flood appeal in place at this time as the Premier of Queensland has already launched the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal for that purpose. Red Cross is on the ground in the affected area and will be assisting with the allocation of funds from the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal. However, donations to the Red Cross under the ‘Disaster Relief and Recovery – Australia’ option will be allocated to Red Cross’ ability to respond to disaster relief and recovery work.
  • Agencies are not accepting donations of goods from interstate at this time as delivering them is logistically nearly impossible. You may wish to hold a community sale or other event with your donated goods to raise funds for the affected communities.

For those seeking to volunteer:

  • Volunteering Queensland is asking potential volunteers to fill in its online registration form and will notify volunteers as opportunities become available. Volunteers will be greatly needed for the cleanup and recovery process in the coming months.
  • The Australian Red Cross is not calling for volunteers at this time as trained and experienced volunteers have already been mobilised, but people who wish to register an interest in future volunteering are encouraged to fill out their online registration form.

For those seeking information:

Philanthropy Australia staff and council send our best wishes to everyone affected by the floods, including our Members and Council Members who are in Brisbane and other affected areas. Our thoughts are with you.

Jan. 12, 2011

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