Multiple possible facets of corporate philanthropy

The Workplace Giving Awards are currently in that limbo-zone between the close-date for entries and the announcement of recipients, so it’s a good time for for-profit organisations to consider ways in which they can introduce a social responsibility element into their structure.

Origin Energy’s Origin Foundation uses an Engaged Philanthropy program with its staff – for instance, when the Foundation made a $1 million gift to microloan facilitator Good Return recently, the Engaged Philanthropy model means Origin employees will contributing their time and professional knowledge to the project, increasing the impact of the financial donation.

Some corporate sectors are familiar with offering ‘time’ and ‘talent’ philanthropy in addition to the ‘treasure’ aspect – any firm that offers pro-bono work is using a version of this concept. As time goes on, it’s likely that more and more companies will begin embracing this wider definition of social investment and workplace giving.

Aug. 05, 2011

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