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The world we want: new dimensions in philanthropy and social change

by Peter Karoff, with Jane Madox

Altamira Press, Lanham MD, 2007

555 KAR

In ‘The World We Want’, Peter Karoff (founder of The Philanthropic Initiative - TPI) presents a collective vision of an ideal world. By sharing his experiences and through conversations with more than forty social entrepreneurs, activists, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists, he describes how new partnerships and approaches are achieving social change. The book weaves together multi-sector, multidiscipline strategies, but - in large part - it is about the power of human connection, reinforced by personal stories of motivation and the human capacity for caring. Without ignoring the institutional and cultural obstacles, and the courage needed to face down the dark side of human behavior, Karoff shows how citizen engagement and open source solutions could tip the scale toward a better world.

Taking philanthropy seriously: beyond noble intentions to responsible giving

Edited by William Damon and Susan Verducci

Indiana Uni Press, Bloomington IN, 2006

500 DAM

Many acts of charitable giving fail in their stated goals and some are actually harmful. In ‘Taking Philanthropy Seriously’, the authors explain why this state of affairs exists. They outline solutions, ranging from those that equip philanthropists to do good work to those that build a domain of philanthropic knowledge, ethical codes, and best practices. Attention is also given to considering recipients’ needs, frustrations, and hopes for support. Philanthropic leaders disclose instances of both good and compromised work, show how ethical concerns are secondary to “success” in philanthropy, and reveal strategies to promote effective and ethical conduct.

Thinking about poverty

Edited by Klaus Serr,  3rd edn

The Federation Press, Sydney, 2006

530 SER

How does poverty in Australia relate to global poverty and inequality? Why does poverty persist in themidst of affluence? ‘Thinking about poverty’ addresses these questions, and others, through bridging theory, policy and practice. It puts forward a range of anti-poverty strategies and considers alternative economic thinking. Chapters include: Processes of Globalisation; Women and Poverty; Governing Inequality; Poverty and Crime; The Impoverishment of a People - The Aboriginal Experience; Poverty and Mental Illness; Poverty and People with a Disability; The Funding and Provision of Emergency Relief in Australia.

Social work and human services best practice

Edited by Wing Hong Chui and Jill Wilson

The Federation Press, Sydney, 2006

224 WIN

While this book presents theories, practice and research in social work and human service practice, it also provides a sound, contemporary platform for funders who are researching program areas. Specialists in each field have contributed chapters on Child Protection; Young Offenders; Adult Offenders; Mental Health; Disability; Healthcare; Older People; Rural and Remote Communities; Aboriginal Australians; and Migrants and Refugees.

From OurCommunity, three new booklets for not-for-profit boards:

Surviving and thriving as a safe, effective board members: the essential facts you need to know before, during and after joining a community board

730 SUR

Ethical solutions: the essential guide to implementing an ethics program in your community group

718 ETH

Transforming community boards and committees: from hell to heaven

730 TRA

Sep. 25, 2007

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