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We have some wonderful new books in the Library, which our Members are welcome to borrow. You can request books online in the Catalogue at or email Louise Arkles and I will post the book to you.

Keeping a trust : South Australia’s Wyatt Benevolent Institution and its founder

By Carol Fort

Kent Town, South Australia : Wakefield Press : 2008

Call No. 509 FOR

This beautiful coffee table book tells the story of the life of William Wyatt and how, when he approached the end of his life without an heir, he created a philanthropic trust to benefit the people of South Australia. The first known philanthropic foundation in Australia, The Wyatt Benevolent Institution has been providing assistance to individuals in need for over 120 years.

The billionaire who wasn’t : how Chuck Feeney secretly made and gave away a fortune

By Conor O’Clery

New York : Public Affairs : 2007

Call No. 509 OCL

This biography tells the story of Chuck Feeney, how he made his fortune in duty free shopping and created Atlantic Philanthropies, one of the most generous and secretive philanthropic foundations in the world.  Now a public name, Chuck Feeney espouses the ‘give while you live’ philosophy, and Atlantic Philanthropies is committed to giving away all its assets, over US$4 Billion, during the next decade.

Singing the land : the power of performance in Aboriginal life

By Jill Stubington

Strawberry Hills, NSW : Currency House : 2007

Call No. 360 STU

For the Indigenous people of Australia, songs and dances, have encoded their history and religion, their social organisation, and their connectedness to the land for 60,000 years. As research assistant to the eminent musicologist Alice Moyle, and later on her own behalf, Jill Stubington spent many years between 1960 and 1980 in remote regions of Australia learning to listen to this music, to understand its complexity, its central role in identity, social cohesion, celebration and the resolution of family conflict. From 1960 new sound and film equipment widened the opportunities for recording; and soon the guitar and recorded popular music began to intermingle with the traditional styles. It became a matter of urgency to use the new technology to preserve the old culture. In three sections the book details the diverse culture, its musical instruments and practice; and provides listening guides.

Trusts law in Australia

By Denis Ong

Annandale, NSW : The Federation Press : 2007

Call No. 054 ONG

‘Trusts Law in Australia’, now in its third edition, provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of modern trusts law. The 12 chapters cover the following aspects of the law of trusts; express trusts, charitable trusts, voluntary trusts, resulting trusts, constructive trusts, writing and related requirements, the rules against perpetuities and accumulations, life tenants, and the duties, liabilities, powers, rights, appointments, retirement and removal of trustees.

Beyond humbug : transforming government engagement with Indigenous Australia

By Michael C. Dillon and Neil D. Westbury

West Lakes, South Australia : Seaview Press : 2007

Call No. 360 DIL

Australia confronts a quandary in dealing with Indigenous issues. After 30 years of bipartisan support for policies based on self-determination and self-management, the [previous] Australian Government embarked on policies involving direct intervention in the lives of Indigenous citizens.  ‘Beyond Humbug’ analyses the failure of government policy, extending from the demography of remote Australia, land tenure and native title, to program implementation challenges and the institutional underpinnings of Indigenous disadvantage.

Great philanthropists on trial : the art of the bequest

Edited by Andrew Grimwade & Gerard Vaughan

Melbourne : Miegunyah Press & National Gallery of Victoria : 2006

Call No. 305 GRI

Despite the rather misleading title, ‘Great philanthropists on trial’ is a celebration of philanthropy to the visual arts in Australia. A selection of essays by eminent contributors, including Sir Andrew Grimwade, Gerard Vaughan, Edmund Capon, Alison Inglis and John Poynton, explores major art bequests to Australian public art collections.

Apr. 08, 2008

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